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“Just because it looks like you’re Breastfeeding…Doesn’t mean that it’s right”

…Máire Clements, RN,IBCLC

If Breastfeeding Makes You Feel…

Sore *  Tired * Overwhelmed *

Máire Clements,  RN, IBCLC

I have helped thousands of mothers over the past 24+ years to have
‘Pain-Free’ Breastfeeding!  It is a skill that must be learned by a mom and taught to her baby.

I developed the Conscious Breastfeeding Approach so that mothers would understand how their bodies work and be able to use that information to optimize their breastfeeding experience over time.

Key Elements of Conscious Breastfeeding:

  • Each Mother-Baby pair are unique
  • Emphasis should be on Breastfeeding…Not Gadgets
  • Foundation for all Breastfeeding is a Pain-Free latch

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